Contact improvisation and experiential workshop in Italy, in a wonderful location surrounded by nature, but easily accessible, inTuscany,close to the natural park of Maremma, in the province of Grosseto

Residential workshop in an organic-biodynamic farm with comfortable apartments and rooms and with a great parquet dance hall.

(at the end follows e brief curriculum vitae of the artist)


Experiential workshop of contact improvisation with

Ippokratis Veneris

In this workshop we will not deal with memories (childhood or later), with our aspirations, habits or ways of thinking and acting consolidated in us.

In this workshop we will not take care of our mind and how it shaped us, but we will take care of ourselves.

We will work on re-tuning our body.

We will explore our senses (smell, touch, hearing, taste, sight) and their relationship with the nature.

Empowering those senses, we can reactivate-reopen parts of our body, of our being and create greater harmony within ourselves.

We will work on our body, the reactivation of its nature (mutilated and damaged in us during and after childhood).

Trees, flowers, animals, planets, colors, light, shapes, smells, tastes. All nature around us breathes, vibrates, lives and interacts.

We will work on our bodies and how we can reactivate the vibrant nature in us, on how we can recognize-feel the nature around us and feel part of.

In this workshop, our body will “think” for us, will narrate us its story, its nature and will offer us its wisdom.

It will be a work of cleaning and simplicity. Rather than being only creatures of our mind and of our civilization we will try to be part of the creation, of the universe, of the poetry around us, of the poetry inside us and we will act in harmony with it.

Each day there will be:

3 hours of technique class (in dance floor) where we will explore issues such as: body liquidity, lightness, listening, communication, fly high and fly in medium level technique, floor work, the lack of effort in our dance, simplicity in our movements, ergonomic movements and more.

3 hours (in dance floor and in the nature) of experiential work, improvisation work on the senses, gamble, listen-attention-action, fantasy, body vibration, harmony between being and acting, simplicity, cleanliness, interaction of our nature with the nature of the place and more.

jam every night.

You can view photos by clicking here:

Date:June 29-July 3


25-hours lessons.

Jam each day

Wednesday, June 29

Arrivalhours14 (reception)

hoursfrom 16 to 20lesson

hours21 dinner

hours22 jam


9:00 amBreakfast

from 10 to 13 technical lesson

14 Lunch

hours from 16 to 19 lesson

20 dinner

21 jam

Friday 1July

9:00 amBreakfast

hours from 10 to 13 technical lesson

14 Lunch

hours from 16 to 19 lesson

20 dinner

21 jam

Saturday 2July

9:00 amBreakfast

hours from 10 to 13 technical lesson

14 Lunch

hours from 16 to 19 lesson

20 dinner

21 jam

Sunday 3July


hoursfrom 10 to 13 lesson

hours13 – 14:30 jam


hours15:30 Closing circle


Paying till 5 of June: 290 euro

After: 320 euro

Includes:25 hours of lessons,

8 hours of jam,

meals and breakfast every day (including dinner on 29

June and lunch on July 3)

Sleep in rooms and studios with 2, 3, 4 beds.



Tuscany, province of Grosseto.

The farm is organic, biodynamic with beautiful and trim spaces, with 70 acres of private land, a large room with wooden floor, flock of sheep.

A paradise surrounded by nature, woods of Mediterranean oaks, holm oaks, cork oaks, strawberry trees, olive groves and cultivated fields.

Here you can hear the morning song of birds and wild animals such as porcupines, badgers, hedgehogs, turtles, wild boars, foxes, deer and many others, for a peaceful staying, harmony and beauty among the rolling hills of Maremma sloping down to the sea with the island of Elba and Corsica horizon.

You can watch the photos of the farm by clicking here:

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