12th-16th october 2009

h 10-14 @ Officina CAD, via G. da Castel Bolognese, 81

“Seeing and Being Seen”

Contact Improvisation, Improvisation and Performance.

Work with the senses and physical sensation will bring our attention to the instruments of perception – to how we experience movement and how we take in information from around us.

This information will form the basis for an exploration of improvisation and performance.

We will explore a number of routes into movement as a way to fully engage with our bodies and our imaginations. Our explorations of our own movement and our interactions with each other will provide the map and instructions for composing together in space.

There will be time for seeing and being seen and for dancing in and out of duets, solo’s, trio’s and ensembles.

And most of all. There will be lots of dancing!

Charlie Morrissey (Brighton / GB)

Charlie Morrissey has been dancing for nearly 20 years. He works internationally as a teacher, director, performer and researcher and makes site specific and theatre and gallery based performance work of a large and small scale from his base in Brighton, England. His work is informed by long term and ongoing working relationships with Steve Paxton, Lisa Nelson, Scott Smith, K.J.Holmes, Kirstie Simson, Christian Burns, Christoph Lechner, and many others.

PRICE workshop if you apply
:: before 10th September : 160 euro (workshop + jam : 200 euro)
:: after 10th September: 190 euro (workshop + jam : 230 euro)

The price for the jam is 6o euro.

If you want to subscribe send a mail to info@romacontact.com with your personal data and if you want to take part to the workshop only, to the jam or both.
You will receive a confirmation mail with the payment details. The deposit may be paid via postal order or via credit bank transfer.

:: only workshop: 50 euro
:: workshop + jam: 70 euro
:: only jam:  20 euro

HERE some infromation about accommodation!